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HC intelligent home network In the new century, due to the rapid social and technological developments in the housing market, residential development of intelligent home has become a trend in the future. The definition of modern intelligent home is to use the current international advanced computer, automation, communications and networks and the use of the 4C smart card technology, establishment of district information services and property management center, communication access network and home intelligent system components “trinity” of residential services, and management of comprehensive information integration platform for Integration of Intelligent Building. In accordance with the district integrated information services and property management centers set different functions, technological content, economic and other factors into consideration, it is divided into Intelligence Community: A star (universal type), two stars (better model), three stars ( lead type). Intelligence Community can provide a reasonable investment, but also with high efficiency, comfort, warm, convenient and safe living environment, has become the mainstream of 21st century development of the construction industry. And with the continued popularity of the concept of intelligent, IC card in the intelligent building applications are becoming increasingly popular. Among them, the 2008 Olympic Games, intelligent building applications for the IC card as a model.

2008 7 3, fixed-line partners, the Beijing Olympic Games China Netcom Broadband in the Olympic Park on the Olympic opening ceremony at the museum experience, said after the Olympic Games Netcom will launch “after the Olympic marketing,” most of the development for the Olympic Games extended to peacetime communications products to use. Which, for the first time in the Olympic Games to use the media broadband card, is billing type IC card, by the Olympic Games during the Olympic Games Main Press Center and venues of the 4200 media broadband card terminals, connected to high-speed Internet access. After the Olympic Games, China Netcom will be to promote such services to the airport, hotels, business district.

Place in the Olympics, there is another category of “Technology Olympics” on behalf of?? IC card elevator quietly doing intelligent contribution to the Beijing Olympic venues are “security guard.” It is understood that in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Wukesong Sports Centre 11 elevators are used in intelligent control system IC card elevator. The system provider, said that the control system uses the current international leader in non-contact IC card identification technology, unified through the management center issuing authority, the owner only by credit card to use the lift to achieve a truly intelligent management, greatly improve the safety of the venue, especially in the closing period, no IC card outsiders could not enter the gymnasium. In addition, the Beijing Olympic Village apartments are all installed smart access control, card access to all the athletes be effective to prevent a potential safety problems from occurring.

Under domestic intelligence trends, water, electricity, gas, broadband, cable, building access, elevator applications such as IC cards make payments or to control access to intelligent home will be the next must-application projects. At present, intelligent buildings in large cities still in the initial stage of development, some residential buildings only pay the electric bill-contact IC card use, some only in the elevator, using the IC card access control and so on. According to the standard view of domestic intelligence, IC card application will also have a huge space for development. On the current 325 million households in China is a huge market demand. And in this area, for now, still no one can make payments comparable to the smart card technology, so the market is expected to be another piece of IC card applications “Blue Ocean.”

Now, China is in a critical stage of urbanization, according to state departments of statistics, the current level of urbanization in China has only about 40 percent, eighty seven per cent from developed countries level there is a big gap between the next three years will be the rapid development of urbanization in China and the critical period, a huge urban development space for the development of intelligent building provides a vast world. Coupled with the already existing huge amount of intelligent buildings to further enhance, IC card application in which the vast space is evident. While some cities are now planning to make payments into the water, electric and other “City Card” area, but for example in the broadband, elevator, building access control applications such as IC card, still no alternative to a more suitable technology.

2008 9 months, “Beijing low-rent housing, affordable housing and limited housing construction both technical Guide” began to seek the views of the community, including the proposed regulations by the appropriate room for the first time, low-rent housing should be renovated once in place, the two limit room once in place should also decorated. In addition, the security room and two-room limited water, electricity, gas, etc., to be provided should be used IC card technology, can measure and pay integration. Perspective on this situation, the next widely used for residential smart IC card or will become a trend. Once the formation of short-term trends difficult to change, so the development of smart home is expected for the smart card industry in China to open up a broader space for development.

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