Generating Mlm Leads

Generating your own MLM leads is one of the most important elements to a successful Network Marketing business. If you’re like most Networkers, you probably want to sponsor more reps than your Cousin Jill and your Uncle Bob. Traditional Network Marketers will always tell new reps to make a list of all the people they know and pitch them the opportunity.

Approaching your warm market is a great place to start and always has been. Some of the largest teams in the MLM industry have been built through warm market advertising. If you want to become a leader and or a top earner, you need to sponsor people on a regular basis. Which means you will need more people to talk to than your warm market. This is where generating your own leads comes in.

Generating your own MLM leads can be done in a 100 different ways. You can generate them online or you can generate them offline. Before you even think about promotion and actual lead generation, you need a system. You need a system to capture leads, prospect them and pitch them your opportunity. There are really three things you need. A website, a presentation and an autoresponder.

Everything else is completely free. You need an autoresponder to capture your visitor’s details; you need a website to send traffic to and you a need a presentation to pitch your leads. Your website should have an opt in form on provided by your autoresponder which will capture peoples name, email address and maybe phone number. You should always offer some free information in return for the visitor’s details.

Once you capture a lead, you can configure your autoresponder to send out emails to them on a regular basis. You will need to create a video presentation about your company and stick it on a page of your website. Then just add the presentation link inside each email that goes out to your leads. Make sure to add your contact information below your presentation so people can contact you with questions. That’s pretty much it, now you have a system ready to take targeted traffic.

It will capture leads, prospect them and present your opportunity to them through your video presentation. You now have to send people to the first webpage also known as a capture page. You can do this through article marketing, pay per click advertising, blogging, SEO or even social media. Just pick a method and master it! Eventually you will be generating traffic, leads, and ultimately be sponsoring reps into your primary business.

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