Using Technology In Your MLM Prospecting Efforts In Order To Stop The Struggle And Money Loss

Thanks to the Internet, Using Technology in your Prospecting efforts has Changed the Network Marketing Industry Dramatically. And, Thanks to the Internet, It is no longer required to build your business by Pestering your family and friends. Nor do you need to look like a complete idiot “accosting” total strangers on the street, in the stores, at church, or wherever you find yourself around people.

If you’ve been in MLM for long, or not, you have probably learned the hard way that our society openly Reviles the prospecting methods that Most Network Marketers use to build their business. Do you realize Entire Industries, and even an Act of Congress have been set up to help all of us Filter Out The Infinite Marketing Noise We Receive on a Daily Basis?

Caller ID
Satellite Radio
City Ordinances Against Solicitation
The Do Not Call List
Spam filters
Opt-Outs on Websites and E-mail

Are just a few. But the glaring point is: If your prospects do NOT want you to get hold of them, Surprise?, You’re NOT going to be able to get hold of them!

Unfortunately Most Network Marketers will CONTINUE to struggle and lose money in this economy (and even when the economy is good, if you can remember that far back). Fortunately, there is a way to Actually Prosper in the MLM Industry.

But it won’t happen if you get all the Garbage you’ve been taught about “what it takes to build your down-line” OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

Most “Old School” Network Marketers are used to the struggle and are used to Losing Money trying to build their Network Marketing Business. And these old school marketers will surely disagree with me. But I’m going to state without a single Doubt that:

It is MUCH easier to build a Multi-Level Marketing business now than it used to be. Before you Flip Out or Pass Out, let me explain —

Choice – What appears to be a more efficient use of your time: Talking to only prospects that are already looking for an MLM Opportunity; or cold calling, and prospecting casual strangers who get within 3 ft. of you where ever you go?

Common vernacular: Helloooo?

What amazes me is, so few Network Marketers actually use the internet to help themselves prospect for their MLM business; Especially with all the Updated Technology. Yes, there ARE those who will send prospects to their Company Generated Web Site (Something that is Sure to Kill your business)!

The Use of Technology:

Because of technology you have access to millions of people every single day. And out of those, you can generate 100’s upon 1000’s of new MLM prospects for your business. Better than that, not only do you have access to millions of new prospects, You can pick and choose who you want as a prospect to join your MLM.

Thanks to a few technologies such as:

The Internet
Capture Pages
Auto Responders

These are just a few items you can use every single day to help with your MLM prospecting. That is Certainly Easier… A 100 times easier to build your business this way than the “old school methods” of building your business.

Because of technology you become the Hunted instead of the Hunter!


With the help of technology, you can EASILY capture an infinite number of new prospects and build a strong and lasting relationship with them, and then EASILY convert them into new Reps in your Down-line… All Automatically, 24/7!

So even thought it has probably been a good experience for you to try to recruit your friends and family, or learn to cold call (bless you for that), You can Flip the MLM Marketing concept on-it’s-ear and have Prospects call YOU first!

Yes, It is Actually That Uncomplicated…

Teri Oles is a retired Naturopathic Physician. In 2003 at the age of 59 Teri moved to Southwestern NY to work in a State Park and went from earning -0 an hour to .15 an hour. She told herself it was worth it just to be in such a fabulously beautiful park every day. She just wasn’t able to kid herself anymore; Poverty SUCKS! She did what you may have done. Googled MLM Business Success. You are reading the results. Congratulations! She’d LOVE to Help You. If a 66 year old, computer illiterate Grandma can build and Empire on line YOU Certainly Can! For your F.R-EE CD on Article Writing – Training go to or for MLM business training go to

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