Marketing Hometown America – 7 Strategies That Work

Effective Afternoon Marketing Strategies – Brand effective marketing techniques take a long time to achieve, however, in one afternoon, you can create an effective marketing strategy with brand specific identities that will keep your hometown humming in the economic revolution. Just follow these 7 Simple Strategies:

Locate Niche Enveloping Trends – these are the energizing features that attract people to your community. Are you on the cutting edge of technology? Are you breathing life into historic residential districts? Do you share a common interest with neighboring communities, but lead the way with industrial success? Are you building a future for tomorrow on yesterday’s experience? Find your niche and make it snappy enough to remember.
Target a Buying Market Group – everyone may actually need what you offer, but not everyone will buy what you offer. Find the group of people around the world who want what you have enough to pay for it and let them know you have what they want at the price they’re willing to pay. No matter what the group is, you want to market your products and services well enough to that group that everyone IN the group knows what you offer.
Dare to be Different – uniqueness counts when you’re striving to present product and service to a market. If your buyer can locate ‘made in China’ goods of the same quality and style in the next town down the road, what makes you think he’ll stop in your town? Do you cater to a specific crowd, but try to fill every niche? It won’t happen. Find a specialty and focus on that segment of population, then serve them up something they can’t get anywhere else. Be different.
Consistent Service and Quality Rock – you’ll remember the place that gave you the best quality, the most friendly service, and the name of the town you were in when you got it. Provide that kind of powerful strategy for your market group and they’ll be back. If you provide it every time they come to see you, they’ll be telling others about it and attracting business for you. Word of mouth marketing comes from those who love you.
Offer Diversity within the Whole – once you’re filling a need, circumvent escape by keeping them in the area with a whole spectrum of services required. Once you have the buyer handy, keep him in the general locality by providing everything he wants. Give your buyer refreshment, nourishment, satisfaction and wealth in the same location with a diverse selection of local businesses. Fill his shopping bags, his tummy, and his need for relaxation.
Entertain the Whole Family – family outings shouldn’t include forty stops along the same trail, but rather one stop where the whole family can find forty things to do. Dad and the boys may not be interested much in shopping, but they’d probably enjoy a game of horse shoes at the O-K Corral? Perhaps little sister brought her best friend and they’d like to chatter up a storm about the latest celebrities at the corner soda fountain after a movie on the big screen while Mom shops? Give the whole family something to do at the same location.
Offer Pleasant Options – when vacation time comes around, most families have to combine a working holiday with relaxation. If Dad has work to do, Wi-Fi at a coffee shop on the square is high on the options list, while Mom and the kids are shopping and entertaining themselves. Creating an all around entertainment, shopping, and working element in your design is key to the success of the whole plan. Give your buying market options that will fulfill their needs and you’ll be filling up your pockets with busy attractions.

J. D. Verhoeff presents information about the marketing and restoration of community on the business front at for hometown communities around the world. Come by and learn how your community can be better.

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