Which Network Marketing Sales Strategy is The Most Profitable For You?

Every time I hear that products sell themselves, I just laugh. Can you imagine trying a new snazzy vitamin and minutes later it begins to talk to you? That’s just plain ridiculous. You have been told in network marketing that this is sharing not selling. Or, my favorite, this isn’t sales. You have certainly been told, “if you use the products, your friends and family will want to use the products.” You are taught by our upline mentors that if you just get out there and promote the opportunity then you will either get a customer or new distributor who will buy the products. The word ‘sales’ in network marketing is avoided like the plague.

Marketing is defined as: The exchange of goods for a sum of money. The definition of sales is: Income received for goods and services over some given period of time. Wait a minute. The definition of sales sounds a lot like your desire to develop a residual income in your MLM opportunity. So in reality all of us in this industry are not marketing at all.

I am sorry to steal you sugary coated thunder. Network marketing IS sales. Human Beings have an amazing way to avoid what we are uncomfortable with. If you’ve been in network marketing for any time at all, you know the astounding ways that people avoid things outside of their comfort zone. Sales is one of those areas of discomfort for most network marketers. If done right, sales of your MLM product or opportunity will be as automatic as sales to customers who go to the grocery store to buy food. So, if we are selling, what are we selling and where is the store?

The internet! The information super highway is here to stay. It is the greatest highway ever built. Although no cars are on this highway, there is more traffic on the information super highway than any roads that takes cars. You have the opportunity to put a store on this highway that has unlimited traffic passing by. It has never been more simple or affordable to open a storefront, yet many people build a website and never invite any traffic. Anyone who decides to start a website must develop skills that allow them to hang a virtual open sign on their store in order to stop traffic and have people stop by. Learning is the key. Too many people simply slap up a website and are disappointed when nothing happens. Network marketing sales is just like any other business, it takes work and dedication to make things happen.

So, now is the time to buckle up! Be happy that you are in network marketing sales because you own a store on the greatest highway to exist. Put out your open sign. Fill your storefront with wonderful things and your network marketing sales will provide an astounding and profitable lifestyle for you and your family.

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