How To Obtain Non-immigrant E1 And E2 Visas Seo

For the E-1 Treaty Trader Visa
Foreign nationals who are termed eligible for the E-1 visa must belong to countries that have signed a trade and investment treaty with the U.S. All applicants were expected to fulfill certain requirements even prior to the filing of the E-1 visa application. For instance, the national of the treaty country must be involved in substantial trade with U.S. before applying. In addition, at least half of the total trade flows must have taken place between the treaty country and the U.S.
Document Requirements
Applicants are required to submit the following documents for processing the E-1 visa
A copy of the passport, a copy of the birth certificates, and marriage certificate in the case of any secondary applicant, and a statement explaining the structure and function of the business.
Documents that provide evidence of continued trade between the two countries should also be submitted. These documents include trade invoices, sales reports, company financial statements, and so on.
A copy of U.S. Visa and Form I-94 is mandatory for applicants already residing in the U.S.
For the E-2 Treaty Trader Visa
The eligibility conditions for E-2 visa are as almost similar for the E-1 visa, except that applicants must solely be responsible for developing and directing the enterprise in which he/she is planning to invest a substantial capital or has already invested in. Or else, the applicant must be an employee who is expected to perform services that are crucial to the success of the investor’s enterprise.

Document Requirements
A few more additional documents other than those needed for E-1 visa are required for processing the E-2 visa
A business plan that explains the nature and purpose of the business right from the beginning stage to the end, the initial investment, as well as the employment opportunities.
A detailed letter stating the level of the applicants role in the investment must be sent to the US Immigration Services
If the applicant is an employee, then he/she must submit his proof of position, such as the organizational chart, the job description, and the recruitment efforts.

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