Processing for New Nepal Adoption Cases Based on Abandonment Suspended by USCIS ? SEO

A joint statement about the suspension of new adoption cases of Nepali children has been recently released by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) together with the Department of State. As a measure to protect the rights and interests of a few Nepali children and their U.S. prospective adoptive parents, USCIS and the Department of State have jointly made a decision to suspend the processing of new Nepali children adoption cases. The joint statement made is as follows: Recently, an interaction was made by the Department of State with the Government of Nepal. This interaction was made in view of reviewing and investigating many Nepali abandonment cases. The police departments and orphanages were visited by the Department of State for the same purpose. The Department of State arrived at the conclusion that the documents that were provided as an evidence to report the abandonment of Nepali children were unreliable. The Department of State was able to determine that civil documents, such the child’s birth certificate contained fake information. Inquiry of the abandoned children cases were found to be held back as the officials who were responsible for the investigation were not available. Even though consular officers worked towards comparing the orphanage and the police records to check if they concur with each other, they are not cooperated by the police officials and the orphanage. Those countries that had been previously accepting the Nepali adoption cases are of the opinion that Nepali adoption cases are not eligible for intercountry adoption. Thus they have now stopped receiving new Nepali adoption petitions. The processing of Nepali adoption petitions will be suspended effective from Aug 6, 2010. USCIS will process those adoption petitions that have been already matched with an U.S. prospective adoptive parent before the date of announcement on a case-by-case basis. If the adoptive parents are found to match the criteria, then the Department of State will reach them at the earliest. Every effort required to speed up the processing of reliable adoption petitions will be made by USCIS.

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