Make Your Business A Household Brand

There are many challenges to establishing a new business. Often marketing is the last thing on the list while establishing an office or storefront, hiring employees and handling the legal demands of setting up a new corporation or limited company. Rather than think of marketing as an after fact however, you will be more successful if you take your first steps to marketing a new business at the same time as the other ‘first steps’. A primary key to success in today’s business climate is a solid brand image and a clear public impression of that brand. So how should you approach new business marketing?

Marketing a new business will be successful if you follow a few basic steps all designed to help you look established and reliable. Customers can be leery of start up businesses which is why it is crucial that your marketing material is polished and professional and gives the impression of stability. The center element of this is your logo. A corporate logo appears on business cards, stationary, on the signature line of emails, on employee uniforms and on promotional materials. The logo needs to adequately portray your business and your personality. Once you have a good logo design, print business cards and hand them out like candy. This is the cheapest form of advertising and also happens to be one of the most effective.

Another of the first steps to marketing a new business is choosing a domain name and getting a website up and running. Even if you are not quite ready to create a webpage securing the right domain is critical. Use a professional to help you pick a domain that is searchable and will keep your business at the top of the search lists. Put up a coming soon page so that anyone you have given a business card to does not get lost. Then look to having a professional web company create your site and customize a SEO (search engine optimization) program to ensure customers can find you.

Finally, you can turn your attention to other types of new business marketing including direct mail-outs, print advertising, promotional ‘give-away’ items and brochures. Concentrate on keeping all the separate strands of marketing materials thematically linked to your logo and your crafted business image. The key to becoming a ‘household brand’ is in a consistency of presentation across all marketing platforms. Never put all of your advertising eggs into just one basket.

John Holland is the CEO of JH Studios, Inc. a web design and marketing company that helps businesses of all sizes build their brand and focus their marketing efforts for optimum Return on Investment.

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