80 year old electrician admits responsibility for nations Ghost Hauntings

Albert Jenkins is 85 years young, and his face shows every part of it. Jenkins has been in the electrical repair business for over 65 years and claims to have traveled the country performing electrical repairing on homes, museums, hotels, and ships.

“I’ll be the first the first to admit it – I’m not very good at what I do”. Jenkins chuckled. “Actually, I’m gosh darn awful at it. But I’ve been blessed with an honest face. People, feel comfortable around me and just throw work my way.”

I asked Jenkins why he felt responsible for the ghost haunting craze that has taken over cable television.

“I was watching TLC one night – some ghost haunting show or another, I can’t remember. I looked over to my wife Ethel and I said, look it’s that old Cape Cod in Pennsylvania I worked on in the 80’s. The one with all the frayed wiring that I couldn’t make heads or tails out of.”

“I simply guessed as to what wire goes where, I balled it up, taped it together, then shoved it back into the wall. Did the lights work as expected? Not really. You could smell pipe tobacco burning sometimes, but that was just the old wiring inside the wall sparking – made it smell like pipe tobacco because of the wire casing material they used in the 50’s.” Lights used to turn on and off unexpectedly too. That I attribute to me balling up loose wires with electrical tape and hiding it in the wall. Most places I worked on turned out worse then when I started.

What about the cold spots associated with most hauntings? I asked.

“Oh, that’s simple.” chuckled Jenkins.

“You see, I don’t know Jack about heating and cooling ventilation. My go-to-move was bundling wires. Do you know how much wiring is in the average home? Too much!”

Jenkins claimed to do some research after watching that TLC show. Turns out he worked on close to 78 percent of the homes claiming to be the most haunted in America, a well as eight naval ships.

‘It’s not a coincidence”, said Jenkins pointing a long bony finger at me.

“it’s just bad electrical work”.

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